Our Chef

The founder

Edith is originally from Armenia Department of Sonsonate. Edith Melgar came to Los Angeles looking for a better life opportunity. In El Salvador she was a business merchant. She came to Los Angeles as an emigrant looking for a better future. She worked in a restaurant for 13 years in different positions and responsibilities.

The time came when Edith knew it was the right time to start her adventure in the business world. She knew that this would not be easy and that there would be multiple challenges in her new journey. With her own effort, her adventure began. She decided to start a Salvadoran food restaurant here in the City of Los Angeles. A city with a high population of Salvadorans, but also with high competition. Despite all this she believed in her dreams and open the doors of her business in 2013. She started with a small store, which gradually expanded, increasing her clientele month after month and year after year.

Currently, ARMENIA SONSONATE is a successful Salvadorian food restaurant in this city, open 7 days a week, providing authentic Salvadorian food to all its loyal customers and new customers.